Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lone Star - Review

In Chic McSherry’s second book we’re back in Scotland, and quite a trip it is! Curtis is sent from Texas to sort out problems with his Scottish counterparts regarding a wind energy deal. He meets Jack and his wife Katie and their boy Callum. Business goes well…until wee Callum is kidnapped. Because Jack is in Denmark, Curtis steps in to help, and to this end he enlists Jim, his personal taxi driver…and things get quite hairy. Big Davie from Waging War enters the scene once more, as nefarious as ever…

A smacking good read. There are other twists and turns- an environmental angle, a legal secretary with a problem, a laird under pressure, and each twist adds to the whole. Lone Star is a cleverly woven tale, visual and entertaining. Highly recommended!

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