Saturday, July 20, 2013

Waging War to Shake the Cold - Review

What happens when a soldier, home from his tour of duty, cannot find work and is ignored by the government and insulted by civilians? He turns to crime as a means of making a living.

Meet Kats, strong man with a moral streak. See, Kats doesn't do drugs, not personally, and certainly not the buying and selling of it, and this gets him into huge problems with Big Davie, and things go from the frying pan into the fire when Kats takes on DJ, Big Davie’s only son. A mighty highway crash, however, while dumping him into the sh*t when an innocent woman dies, gifts a glimmer of a way out of his predicament. She kept a journal and in it is recorded fraudulent dealings made by her boss…and turns out he is connected to ol’ Big Davie.

This is well-structured and really clever. While making pronouncements about the situation for soldiers returning home, about crime and the economy, the tale itself moves at a swift pace and keeps you reading. Interesting characters pepper this story, like Badger and Boots, one a heavy, the other a soldier…and I’ll leave it to you find out who is what.

Set mostly in Scotland and employing the twang of the region, this is a worthy read. It keeps you guessing right to the end!

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