Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Highland King - Review

Prepare yourself! The Highland King has it all! Ancient Scottish (and Irish) lore, druids, standing stones, magic, epic battles, a berserker, a champion, murder and mayhem in the name of greed and power, the beauty and magic of the lochs, prophecy and destiny, a sword, and, yes, a hero. A tale on this scale would not work without a right proper hero!

Meet Doncann, a boy who grows into manhood via exile and the trials of battle. He is trained by a goddess and discovers his life is marked by the foresight of the women who love and protect him. Marked as an outlaw, he is placed upon destiny’s path to unite the tribes against a common enemy.

Jeff Blackmer is a great storyteller, a modern bard who brings the ancient tales to life again. I loved the Highland King and could not put it down. And there’s an added little incentive in reading this: you are completely immersed in the Scottish manner of speaking (my favourite accent!). In fact, it’s sort of strange now to write this review in ‘normal’ speak, having been immersed for many enjoyable hours in another culture and time!

Absolutely worth it. Allow me to repeat that: ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!

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