Friday, February 14, 2014

Latticework now AVAILABLE!

Hello, everyone, and thank you for stopping by to read the teasers! The collection is now available from Amazon, published by Thorstruck Press. Here's hoping you'll grab youself a copy!

A noir collection of soulful tales, embodying the macabre to the metaphysical, and a dip of the quill into an intriguing sci-fi tale with a lesson so serrated it cuts to the marrow.

A latticework creates a mesmerising pattern, one which pleases the eye and draws the onlooker closer. In this delightful anthology the emotional lattice connects the strands which amplify the human experience, our melancholy, our mistakes, and our residual power. Fourteen short tales by a diverse author makes Latticework an occult treat, worthy of fans who douse into the disturbing and diabolical.

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