Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Latticework Teaser: Repeating History

Lattice 12
Repeating History

When humankind tore through the fabric of space they came in vast numbers on ships the size of cities. This was a one way journey, for they left behind a planet ruined by war, pollution and over-population. Perhaps those abandoned will discover the courage to find solutions for Earth’s varied problems, but those that left travelled too far to make their way back. The ships were indefinitely self-sustaining, but man needs solid ground beneath his feet and a friendly sun on his face. His mission always is to find a land to plant and root and grow and prosper.

Ten ships travelled through space. Two veered off course in the midst of an extended asteroid field, one collided with one of the giant rocks, four landed on Kual, one on Rhomi and the remaining two on Hutito. With these ten ships went humankind’s hope for eventual survival.

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