Monday, November 17, 2014

Page Popularity

So I'm moving around this blog, checking things, adding stuff and so forth, and thought I'd share popularity of the pages found here, based on number of views.

1. The Infinity Mantle - it's not the oldest page, but it is my debut novel and I'm well pleased it's at number one!

2. Book Reviews - glad you all like it enough to slot it in at number two. I aim to link the covers to the actual reviews soon, for easier navigation.

3. The Kinfire Tree - book two and perhaps the most controversial of the four Arcana books, for it deals somewhat with the subject reincarnation.

4. Interviews - the page contains all links to interviews Writing World has posted. Soon I'll update it with interviews others have posted elsewhere after chatting to this author ;)

5. The Tinsal Deck - my first standalone novel about tarot cards and revenge. I'm very proud of this work, for it took me into an entirely different way of writing.

6. The Drowned Throne - Arcana's book three, where all hell breaks loose upon Valaris.

7. Thomas Henson - first short story, and I'm actually amazed to see it sort of in the middle of the popularity stakes!

8. Latticework - a collection of short stories - read at your peril!

9. The Dragon Circle - pity this one doesn't get as much attention, seeing as it ends the Arcana saga and contains much emotion and ties up many loose ends. This one was hardest to write, for it isn't easy to release a story, to let go.

10. The Kallanon Scales - first Reaume book, and as it's still quite new, I can't expect it to match to Infinity (yet)!

11. Buy here - Payhip for my two self-pubbed works. I may remove it, it feels shallow to have it up there ;)

12. LORE Gallery - created today, and already garnering attention - thank you!

13. Justine's Journal - a brave lady, and thank you for reading

14. The Nemisin Star - Reaume's second volume, VERY new!

15. LORE Maps - also created today and already has a few hits - again, thank you!

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