Monday, April 6, 2015

FingerNale Tales

My latest release is FingerNale Tales, a quick read comprising of ten little stories. My talented daughter did the cover and she will be sharing in the proceeds from sales ;) Thank you, Cayla! 


These are the afterthought tales, bite-size chunks of a life’s grander design, something to gnaw on briefly before moving on.

The Old Man – a child’s perspective on meeting an unknown uncle
The Royal Feline – it’s a cat life indeed
The Mountains Burn – the destructive power of fire
Morning Rainbow – when a rainbow is a sign
Blood Moon – when reality feels entirely unreal
Veils of Sleep – what happens in the realms of oblivion
Winged Wonder – a winged creature walks the city streets
Glass Dreams – every time a man closes his eyes, glass shatters
First Day – a child’s perspective on her first school day
At the End – life’s long years

A few recorded moments in time that will ask of you a few minutes of your day. A breathy laugh might follow, or ‘oh, yes, I see myself in there!’ Maybe a morsel gifts a smile, while a tale creates a sense of wonder. Enjoy!

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