Monday, April 20, 2015

What's happening with Reaume?

Many of you already know the Lore of Reaume series follows on from Lore of Arcana, four volumes to each. Below is a post about the progress of Arcana, and now I'd like to tell you what's happening with Reaume.

All four books were contracted to Thorstruck Press, but unfortunately a great publisher has now closed doors. In the weeks following, The Kallanon Scales and The Nemisin Star were re-released as both ebook and paperback, and doing so caused a delay in the new release of The Sleeper Sword.

I am happy to share The Sleeper Sword is now published and available as ebook!

Everything is ready to release it too into paperback, but I will do so once the final two Arcana books are available.

The final volume in the Reaume series - The Dreamer Stones - will be released simultaneously as both ebook and paperback. Release Date to be confirmed, but keep an eye out around July/August!

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