Monday, November 2, 2015

Notes on Reviews (and the Mage's Tomb)

I recently acquired a 'smart phone'. Why am I telling you this? Because finally I was able to download the Kindle app that allows me to read ebooks comfortably! Until recently, reading ebooks meant sitting in front of my computer, which really numbs the bum, I tell you, and I therefore didn't read as often as I would have liked to, despite having a virtual library of some size. An actual Kindle reader is prohibitively expensive here, unfortunately.

This is why I am posting reviews with greater regularity. I am slowly working my way through books I have been meaning to read for ages and I believe we should post reviews. It helps the authors, and it informs potential readers. Reviews are subjective, of course, and still I believe they have merit.

This weekend I finished The Mage's Tomb (on my list since 2012) and it was amazing. Unfortunately, I see the ebook no longer exists, and the paperback has the kind of price that tells me it is in the system, but no longer available.

Here is the review I prepared:

This is Edwin’s story, a boy with a mysterious past and with strange gifts that sets every inhabitant of the town of Chardwick on edge. Throw in witches and spirits and creatures, a menacing mine, an abandoned Keep on the cliffs and weird traditions, and you have a story you cannot put down!

The Mage’s Tomb possesses brilliant characterisation, real imagination, many clever twists, as well as great writing and plot. Well done to the author! The Mage’s Tomb definitely deserves five stars.

If you do have a copy on your Kindle, I recommend reading it.
If you do come across it elsewhere, let me know, and I'll post my review there :)

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