Friday, November 27, 2015

On compiling episodes of The King's Challenge

Hello! I have started compiling the King’s Challenge into a document for editing, episode after episode, and already I discovered a few bloopers! For those of you who are new to the posting process, I write the episodes daily without forward planning, allowing the story to go where it takes us.  I open Word, type the episode heading, and go. This means no editing, other than a quick once over for spelling and punctuation.

Having swiftly looked at what I’ve written to date as I inserted episodes … hmm. A plot hole or two. A spelling mistake overlooked. Point of view mess up in one of the episodes …

All will be fixed and tweaked before the final version is released! I suggest we go with the flow and allow the story to dictate direction, and at the end of it the rough edges will be smoothed away.

I am still having fun with this challenge! I hope you are enjoying the read! Forgive, therefore, inadvertent errors and simply come along with Lyra and Damin on this mission J

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