Thursday, November 12, 2015

Review - Saving the Sacrifice Part 1

Without giving the story away, four girlfriends and their male bestie (Uri) find themselves in trouble of the supernatural kind, especially Micki Walker. When two best friend cops get involved (and a brother you don’t quite know how to take at first), sparks fly of both the dangerous kind … and of budding love affairs.

I fell in love with Aunt Viv’s house, I tell you! This is where the initial action happens, and this is where our friends return to time and time again. Not only is the house and garden amazing (with some succinct secrets you will love!), but Aunt Viv herself is the kind of aunt we all want.

Add in excellent ‘girl’ humour and mix in Goth clubs and a dangerous cult, and you have a story worth flipping the pages for. I cannot wait for Part 2!!

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