Sunday, April 10, 2016

TKC #270

TKC 270

Raising my hand, I move to stand beside my sister. Taking her hand into mine, I draw her closer.

Damin blinks at us and scrubs fingers through his hair. “I do not know all of it, I suspect, but your father agreed to travel this far only upon swearing all who knew of his presence to secrecy. After all, Makaran is leaderless right now.”

“Who does know?” Iniri whispers.

“Moravin, and he is aboard also. Moravin’s son, now dead.  And Lorn Makar.”

I almost spit my disgust. “While his son waits prettily back home entirely innocent.”

Damin nods.

I shift to face Iniri. “You and Damin must take the Spire. I will find Father.”

She is about to remonstrate, but then she sighs and takes my face into her hands. Kissing me on both cheeks, she murmurs, “Call for me when you have him safe.”

Taking her into my arms, I whisper in her ear, “It will be a bloodbath. Be ready for that.” I feel her nod against my chest before we move apart. “Gather what you need,” I tell everyone. “When that shuttle lands, get aboard, and good hunting. Iniri, banish the shield; we have work to do.”

Smiling wryly, she waves and swiftly other sounds intrude. Soldiers murmuring and cleaning weapons. Boot steps. And, somewhere above the camouflage, birdsong.

“I want to go with you,” Mirlin states.

About to head off to collar Gennerin, I pause. “Why?’

“I can see in the dark,” Mirlin states. “More than that; I can see through doors. You need me.”

“That may answer my ‘why’, but does not explain yours.”

Mirlin shrugs. “It will have to do … and I see it does not. Fine, this then; you trust Damin because you know who he was before. Trust me for a similar reason, for once I stood at your back, Lord Makar.”

“And always called me ‘prince’,” I blurt in a rush as enlightenment comes.

Mirlin laughs. “Indeed.” He moves then to me, takes my arm and marches us away. “We need a flyer, not a clumsy shuttle, and I know just where to get one.”

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