Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A new serial - an older tale :)

Hello! This year I intend to publish the final book in my Lore series - THE MASTER MECHANISM.

There are three parts to the series, each consisting of four books:

Lore of Arcana

The Infinity Mantle
The Kinfire Tree
The Drowned Throne
The Dragon Circle

Lore of Reaume

The Kallanon Scales
The Nemisin Star
The Sleeper Sword
The Dreamer Stones

Lore of Sanctum

The Nemesis Blade
The Echolone Mine
The Nowhere Sphere
and ... The Master Mechanism!

Each section is set at a different time, but it is an on-going story from the first book to the last. While the reader may pick up book one of each section and start reading from there, it is true there is much pertinent history that drives the larger tale. To that end, and hoping readers everywhere will want to find out what comes next, and continue through all the Lore's, in the next few days The Infinity Mantle will launch here on Writing World as a chapter by chapter serial.

This series has taken years to write and I want to share it with everyone. This is how I aim to celebrate the final part of a massive story, for sharing may lessen the sadness of typing a final 'The End'!

Do come back and start reading The Infinity Mantle :)

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