Monday, January 16, 2017

Ilfin of Arc Epilogue Part 2 (SPOILER ALERT)

Herewith the last in the story of the Ilfin and the Glonu and their war of ages! There are extras in the published version, so feel free to grab a copy :) Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me!

Epilogue - Part 2


Outside in the warm sunshine of Makaran, a carriage awaited.
This contraption was the formal carriage used for processions, not the usual mode of transport on Makaran. A beautiful woman sat primly upon the scarlet leather seat, her honeyed hair intricately braided. Bright blue eyes focused upon him as he approached. She preferred the old style of travel when on the ground, claiming technology was for space faring.
Enris laughed under his breath. Prim she might appear to watchers, but those eyes promised devilry.
He clambered in to sit beside her, waving the driver to his duty. The horses pulled at the traces to start the vehicle moving, and he said, “It is done. He chose death. Pity; he deserves to suffer.”
“Will he confess?”
“To all of it.”
She lifted a slim hand and rested it upon his cheek. “Enris, then it is over and we have learned the lessons of the past. Release those burdens and set aside thoughts of vengeance. I have, and my heart sings in the release from that darkness. It is time now to summon a new future.”
Indeed, the future now called to him daily.
Capturing her hand and bringing it to his lips, he murmured, “Leffandir, will you marry me?”

The End

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