Monday, January 23, 2017

The Infinity Mantle: He was wrong

AS promised. we kick off The Infinity Mantle serial today (see this post). Because many may already have read the beginning in Lore of Arcana's dedicated page, today I'm posting the Prologue, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 (Chapter 2 is new for this blog), and will be posting links to each on the page as well; if you miss an episode, you can still catch up!

Without further ado:


In a time now passed beyond memory, a man whispered over a golden disc as he set it into a vice.
Vannis of the Valleur lifted an engraving tool to mark the first glyph. He murmured the words of an ancient enchantment, a repeated rhythm, until it was perfect, and whispered more as he polished. It took time, many months, and he rushed nothing. He spoke of it to no one. Only when the time was right would he reveal his handiwork.
This man possessed the tools and skills to achieve his goal, as well as the voice that was impetus and creation. To infuse inanimate gold, to gift atoms sensitivity, to compel unassailable eternity, required tone, repetition and emotion.
Imperative was emotion, for it determined the ultimate nature of the infused device. If fashioned in anger, the consequence was an instrument capable of confusion; indifference led to instability, hate to darkness, mockery to deception, egotism to arrogance, and love to illumination and enlightenment.
Vannis intended only love.
The Supreme Wisdom - the Maghdim Medaillon - of the Valleur was made tangible and it was beautiful. On the day he laid it in a protective casket, he thought, I am done now. The future is secure.
He was wrong.

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