Friday, October 2, 2009

Authonomy Comments

'Science fiction and fantasy are my weakest areas, I don't read a great deal in either genre...I've read 5 chapters and dipped into later chapters with a sense of awe at the power of your imagination. From the blue skinned woman in chapter 2 through to the explanation of the gestation period of the Giantis in chapter 10, the words kept flowing in a relentless stream. Your descriptive passages are impressive and occasionally remarkable, but it is the power of your imagination that dominates this book. Hugely impressive writing and very enjoyable. A very pleasant surprise for a reader who should perhaps evaluate his choice of reading and consider more books of this nature, although unlikely to be of this quality.' - Jared

'May I say what a beautiful novel you have written? Your start is captivating and the names...Jesus, I am a sucker for good names! Vannis, Rain, Medaillon...the way they roll off your tongue!' - Shriya
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