Thursday, October 1, 2009

Music and Colour

As they walked, the music commenced; the beautiful spiritual melodies of the soul, once heard, forever yearned for when silenced. It grew in volume and intricacy with each chamber and each colour. Silver, rose, magenta, pale moonlight, saffron, turquoise, starlight, emerald, violet, palest blue, glaring orange…on and on it went, and with it the music. Voiceless angels, whispering flutes, crooning violins, transcendental, the distant notes of holy song, a celestial dirge. It was and it was not. Ancient philosophers had regarded the universe as a type of music, with different harmonies, octaves and notes, perfect in its creation, with patterns weaved in amongst the greater song…and perhaps they had been right. Hearing the melodies was akin to feeling the nature of all things, and it went far beyond feelings…for feelings were too subjective. Here there was objectivity, neutrality, logic, and yet it led and led, it created, and it could not be denied.
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