Thursday, October 22, 2009

Glittering Darkness

And one day they gazed around and noticed they had chased all life away, out of the universe, and what hadn’t fled, they had annihilated. They were alone.

Finally they paused. A truce was declared.

It didn’t last long, but it was lengthy enough for certain things to come to pass.

Such as the lone emissary despatched through a doorway into an alternate reality, a thinning of the spaces discovered when the birdmen were belatedly tracked. His mission was to locate the Q’lin’la and to bring them back; magic still lacking had to be learned. Darkness desired the sorcery of ultimate supremacy. In their single-mindedness they hadn’t understood the Q’lin’la wouldn’t have that kind of power.

The emissary did not return.

Such as the telling by Queen Rianna, twenty-third of the title. She foresaw the coming of a powerful leader, one who would lead the Light over all shadows, eventually to overcome the Dark eternally. She foresaw there would come a time when the Kallanon would exit their realm in search of this leader, and she foresaw, too, that their enemies, the dark Dragons, would follow, bringing their ages-old wars into that other, perhaps undeserving reality.

She told only her heirs that the One they sought would not be a Dragon.

The wars resumed, intensified, and continued without end.
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