Thursday, October 29, 2009

The One

‘Goddess.’ Levin started to shake. ‘We heard of the One; he is Nemisin’s foretelling! One such as I will come, ages hence…and we tried to kill him!’

Vannis was grim. ‘You cannot kill him. No one can kill him. He is Immortal, he is Enchanter, Destroyer, Keeper of the Dragon, Dome Dragon and, Levin, I have never told anyone this- he is a Walker of Realms. However, that is his tale. All you have to remember is that he will do what must be done to the Dragon Neolone and then you must remember you are Valleur and he is Vallorin, with a bloodline to continue the Valla heritage. Somewhere along the way Atreidi will need to acknowledge him as supreme ruler, for he will not cast you adrift. He does not expect automatic loyalty; he will wait for you to discover it yourselves. Despite what I revealed, do not fear him…not as his name implies.’

‘So we should fear him?’ Levin said softly.

Vannis frowned and scrubbed at his face in irritation. ‘I am not explaining well…’

‘Perhaps the Vallorin can do so. Where is he?’

Vannis sighed again. ‘Gone.’
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