Friday, February 12, 2016

The King's Challenge #213

TKC 213

The four of us do not sleep. Sleep is a luxury.

We do not know where and we cannot tell how many, but we are aware of the arrival of the Glonu and their ships. I am not a Delver, but I sense them. My heart beats and skips continuously; this is a sign of fear and fear is the seeds the Glonu will sow in order to reap our bodies and souls.

We do not speak. I know I am not alone in thinking they will hear us.

Around the time my weary body tells me dawn is imminent outside, Hal speaks, causing me to flinch.

“Damin. I have connected with Damin.”

I inhale so sharply I am dizzy in the aftermath. “What do you see?” Kay takes my hand and I am grateful for the touch and support.

“He is a silver circle,” Hal murmurs. “Tell him that if you ever see him again.”

“By the sands, man,” Kay growls.

Hal shrugs. “Death surrounds them; I am being realistic. We are not actually talking and he appears to be running, which makes proper contact difficult, but he is relaying the images he sees back to me. Perhaps, when he is able to rest, we can take it further.”

“Which images?” I ask quietly.

“Those that reflect agony and death mostly. People are dying around him and he sees what they feel. Also …” Hal pauses to frown. “… white dandelions? I am uncertain, but I sense … ghosts?”

“They are fighting the ethereal army,” Kay murmurs.

My grip on Kay’s hand intensifies.

“And now his vantage changes …” Hal lifts a hand to forestall questions. “Damin looks up and sees …” He blinks and stares at us. “Space vessels. I don’t think it is symbolic; he is relaying an actual view of the ships.”

I cannot say a word, but Kay asks, “How many and how large?”

“Damin sees four in the sky and one is landing beyond his sight. Large. HUGE.” Hal lapses into silence in order to concentrate.

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