Saturday, February 13, 2016

The King's Challenge #214

TKC 214

Kay gets up and heads for the rock fall entrance. “We need to see what is out there. The Glonu hiding away further in may be calling to those in the ships.”

Before long he is moving rocks out of the way, carefully so as not to alert anyone outside via inadvertent noise. Marian heads into the other caves to tell everyone to remain quiet. Folk are waking up.

Finally there is a peephole and sunlight is evident in the lightness of the ragged circle. The rain has clearly stopped. Kay puts his face in the hole.

Long minutes pass and then he retreats. As Hal steps into his place to look as well, Kay says, “There is nothing to see yet, but I hear the whines of great engines. They sound far away at this point.”

Relief fills me.

“This region is usually unpopulated,” Hal adds as he withdraws. “They will go first where they expect to find people.” He then eyes Kay. “We need to find the Glonu.”

Suspicion about the identity of our unknown watcher has been growing in my thoughts. Someone who is afraid to reveal? Someone who prefers to run rather than be seen? It does not fit with an adult, strong male.

“I think it’s Attis,” I say.

Hal echoes, “Attis?”

Kay groans. “No, I … we … damn it.” He nods, for the logic cannot be denied.

“A boy we had in our care,” I tell Hal. “A good kid. We love him.”

Kay groans again and covers his face. “As I loved Manuel and that stopped nothing.”

Hal moves to stand before us. “The kid you knew is no longer the kid you will find. We have to silence him.”

Swallowing, Kay stares up and whispers, “Mirlin, my brother, I understand now. There is nothing I need forgive you for.”

I take his hand and together we return to the darker space. We will find Attis; Hal and Marian will keep the watch here.

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