Sunday, October 11, 2015

The King's Challenge #73

TKC 73

Something about their attitude angers me. Lyra came looking for me because she needed me to convince the folks of Grenmassin that disaster will come to us from the heavens. Siri believed her, for she gave Lyra her savings, and clearly Horin did too, and still does. The others? They cling to the belief Grenmassin is safety. Even after what happened there, they still believe it is better to go home.

“I am not going to be nice about this,” I growl at them. “Make your choices right here. An asteroid will soon smack into us, this is fact. We hope something out there nudges it aside, but that may be a fool’s hope. Grenmassin will not survive it and there is nothing now there anyway to call you home. People everywhere head south, including the slaves you see running from Porlese this night. We are going south.” I indicate Siri and Horin. “Lyra is already …”

“Lyra lives in the clouds,” Artur interrupts. “Did she convince you of this?”

Almost I smack a fist into his face. “Lyra will save even you, idiot,” I grind out. “Watch yourself, Artur.”

The big stonemason shoulders forward … and Horin steps into his path. “My sister is powerful and she will save all of us if we give her the chance to. Say one bad word about her and I will beat you up.”

Artur blinks at the boy, and splutters into laughter. No one else does, for somehow we understand Horin will make good on his threat. I see a sword in my mind as I look at him. He has the warrior gene, indeed, as I thought. I need to delve him more, soon.

“We are going south,” I state. “The three youngest will start off on Forest, and the children will take turns as we go.”

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