Thursday, October 1, 2015

2015 and 3/4 :)

With the three quarters of the year behind us, this is what happened for this writer in 2015 :)

Republished ebooks after Thorstruck Press closed, now with Tirgearr Publishing (3)

The Tinsal Deck
A Tear in the Clouds

Republished ebooks and paperbacks (2)

The Kallanon Scales
The Nemisin Star

Paperbacks published for the first time (4)

The Infinity Mantle
The Kinfire Tree
The Drowned Throne
The Dragon Circle

New books (ebooks and paperback) (2)

The Sleeper Sword
The Dreamer Stones

New ebooks (8)

FingerNale Tales
Ancient Illuminatiom
Secret Remedies
Realm Walker
Lore of Arcana Omnibus
Lore of Reaume Omnibus
Town Thomas
The Nemesis Blade

Updated (1)

Our Friend Thomas Henson

Coming still in 2015 (4)

The Nemesis Blade (Paperback)
Justine's Journal
Travelling Thomas
The Echolone Mine

Foreseen for 2016 (9)

Thomas Henson's Mansion
The Nowhere Sphere
The Master Mechanism
A Scar in the Earth
Mark of the Kalion
Circles of Civilisation
Sacred Space
Lore of Sanctum Omnibus
The King’s Challenge (working title)

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