Friday, October 30, 2015

The King's Challenge #91

TKC 91

Someone starts clapping, the sound loud in the silence. Horin lifts his head and I notice how unfocused his eyes are. Another joins in, and then another, and soon applause fills the air around us. Horin swallows and smiles, although it is an uncertain action.

Whistles join the acclaim and someone shouts “Thank you, Horin!”

Yes, a terrible coercion came to pass, but it means we are alive. Five minutes ago we all thought we would die.

I lift my hands to join in with the applause.

Damin places his hands on the lad’s shoulders, squeezes, and leans in to whisper in his ear. What he says I do not know, but Horin nods and bows. He then throws his hand out to release the green orb, and the path of light falls between us, beckoning us onward to our destination.

“Gather the shields and weapons,” I call out, “and start walking!”

The acclaim dies and most spring into the action.

“We will see to the wounded!” Damin adds.

How? We have no means to heal. Ah, I see. The girl, Siri, is a Healer. She falls to her knees beside a man with two shafts protruding from his chest. She touches them and they disintegrate. She lays her hand on the man’s chest, and moments later moves to the next victim. The man sits up, healed, staring at her.

Damin moves to my side. “She is an actual Healer. Lyra’s power is used on a grand scale, while Siri is hands-on. She is about individual succour.” He watches me with a slight frown.

“Has she done this before?”

Damin nods. “In Grenmassin, but only with animals, she tells me. She thought it a facet of compassion, but now realises it is an actual talent.”

“One we desperately need,” I murmur.

“Indeed.” Damin smiles, and gestures Horin nearer.

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