Saturday, October 24, 2015

The King's Challenge #86

TKC 86

When I see how the burly Grenmassin stonemason controls the stores as we halt for the night, I see why Damin left him in charge. Artur denies all pleas for something tasty to eat. He roars at everyone that the food must last, and be damned. I smile. Everyone is hungry after the long march, but Artur is right; our stores need to stretch.

Damin grins and shakes his head and waves at Artur to go on before approaching me.
“Why are we heading west instead of south?” he asks.

I explain about the rough terrain, that I seek an easier crossing. “At least the water isn’t too deep.” I add, gesturing at the river. Moonlight picks out the peaks of the current.

This is when Horin comes upon us. The lad is almost asleep on his feet, but he has something on his mind. “We can use the net.”

Damin frowns down at him. “Meaning?”

“It can be told to make a bridge for crossing water or any land.”

My eyebrows shoot up. Really? That will make it easier indeed to traverse this plain. It may even speed our path. I am about to question him further, when Damin lifts the boy into his arms.

“Sleep first,” he murmurs. He walks off with him to where Attis has a fire going. Most of the kids he has in his care are already asleep. They were fed first. Damin lays Horin down, and then inclines his head at Siri. She follows him into the darkness.

What is Damin up to? Casually I stroll nearer.

“… his mother for a while,” Damin tells his sister. “Talk to him, find out what he can do.”

Siri glares up. “I need help as much as Horin does. I too struggle with a burgeoning talent.”

I knew it! Quickly I turn away. Damin must not know I overheard.

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