Friday, October 23, 2015

The King's Challenge #85

TKC 85

The boy turned out quite the surprise. It appears we have a saviour waiting for us, and one to accompany us on the journey to reconciliation. Horin requires further scrutiny indeed. Now I wonder if the girl Siri possesses something extra, given her brother is a Delver. Talent is genetic, but does it manifest in multiple ways in the same generational time frame?

My brother, rest his soul, had not one iota of talent. I smile inwardly. Axel was a marvel at sports, and often it seemed like magic, what he did to his competitors, but his was purely a physical mastery. Until the day the bulls ran faster than he did. At least he died doing what he loved.

I grin openly, imagining him challenging the cavalry. He would have shouted at them, told them to take him on … my grin vanishes. I miss him.

With my horse picking the way, I study the terrain. Our first test will come with the river glinting ahead. It is wide and fast, and its strength is obvious even from here. Hopefully it will be shallow. Beyond is tightly packed scrub, the kind to lacerate bare legs. Many bare legs among the marchers, for slaves wear robes. We cannot afford injuries, even the surface kind. Haste is our ally and wounds will slow us.

It may be best to follow the river on the softer sand for a while before crossing. Feeling like to a genie, I nod to myself, and swing back.

“We will follow the river until nightfall!”

Far back, I see Damin wave. He does not hear my words, but he does not need to. A remarkable talent, that. I notice the net curves to flank the stragglers. It appears the device has the power of reason, for it herds them together, ensuring none will be lost. Amazing.

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