Friday, January 22, 2016

Notes on The King's Challenge (January update)

Hello, everyone!

You may have noticed daily episodes are two at a time recently. Due to the season break, I needed to catch up on missing episodes and therefore doubled up a few times, discovering in the process it is easier to write 600 words than it is to curtail myself to 300! Honestly, though, I want to see where this story will end – yes, impatience sets in. I need to finish it!

Of course, sometimes there will be less time available to me, and a 300 word episode will be posted J

Having squinted through some of the story as I format it into one document, I realise there are extras I will be adding in when the edit process commences, such as more description of both place and people. Also more pointers to the greater story will be inserted earlier in order for the whole to make sense. At this stage, we are getting the story down – the bling comes later!

The edit begins to prompt in the back of my mind, however. I am writing and posting this challenge in First Person Present, but this may change. Maybe. I begin to feel Third Person … maybe. My point is, the final book may be somewhat different …

Last in this session of notes, is NAME.

What will we call it? I have a few ideas, but not yet one that stands out for me – any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!


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