Monday, January 11, 2016

The King's Challenge #162

Part 6

TKC 162

The darkness possesses that bated breath quality, the kind that awaits but a spark to erupt into frenetic activity. We all felt it earlier, although it was not a consciously present awareness. Now only me, Lyra and Damin swirl in the expectancy.

When Hanna and Joseph started talking, the tension released … for them.

Glancing at Damin, I see his fingers twitch. I notice also how Lyra smooths his thigh as if to calm him.

The fair man who is now my sister’s husband has discovered the Glonu in our midst. Will he say something?

Looking casually away, I delve myself, far deeper than Damin’s earlier questing.

On this world known as Massin, my current identity is Horin Parse. I am eight years old and have assumed the form of a more mature man. This is in part due to the warrior talent I am born with, but it is also due to the identity I have within. They called me Lord Makar in the past. Enris Makar is my name in the greater beyond.

As I delve, I wonder how relevant my name is in this time. This is a new world and a different period in the grand scheme and thus what went before cannot again be the measure of what I am. Today I am more comfortable with ‘Horin’. It is a name to bind me to this world’s fate.

Enris was selfish and too focused on his mission, and that is why he failed. Horin cares for others and is willing to share the burden of this new war with those able to help him. Horin, therefore, is real as Enris never can be again.

Nodding to myself, I return my attention to Damin. I am Horin and he is Damin. I stare at him a few moments, looking away before he becomes aware of my focus. Has Damin delved himself to know himself?

Does he know he too bore another name in another time?

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