Saturday, January 9, 2016

The King's Challenge #160

TKC 160

The Iflin image is beautiful, and that fills me with joy. It means there is nothing anyone need fear from those with this particular genesis. I hope so anyway.

My inner joy, however, threatens to overcome my outer self. I feel the vibrations ripple over my skin. Lyra lifting her head slightly reveals she feels it as well. Of course she understands why it is happening, and gently squeezes my thigh in support … and warning. No one must become aware of my reaction.

Forcing motionlessness upon myself, I breathe as if I am entering a deeper kind of sleep. The continuing silence surrounding us tells me no one suspects anything. Siri ruffles the parchment as she further unfurls it; she remains unaware also.

I focus next on Lyra and see the triskelion immediately. Lyra and Siri have now established the pattern I seek when delving for Ilfin. Shifting my attention to Horin I see the entire image around him. He is overtly Ilfin and makes no apology for it.

Attis, markedly quiet the last few days, is asleep near Lyra. The two of them spent a few hours talking on the ride towards this rest site, and I wonder now what passed between them. All I know is that Attis seems to have taken on the role of Lyra’s protector.

Suddenly I am wary of the boy’s mind will reveal … and move onto Hanna. Her image is Ilfin. Joseph? I delve there, but nothing comes forth. It means he is blocking my quest, but probably not deliberately. He may be thinking on something else intensively, which creates a barrier for me. I will return to Joseph.

Kay is next. Already I suspect he may be the Glonu among us, based purely on where he comes from, but the Ilfin image swirls inside him. I inhale another slow breath, aware that now I will fully trust the man from the west.

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