Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The King's Challenge #157

TKC 157

I realise I need to determine the difference between Ilfin and Glonu as soon as possible. To do so amid the crowd waiting for us on the mountains will cause panic.


The best way is to probe a known Ilfin and a known Glonu … here, away from the rim and those approaching troubles. Ha. Easier said than done indeed. Any Glonu among us will not admit to it and then submit to a probe. He or she will be signing a death warrant.

Lyra has slowed to allow Siri and me to catch up. As we fall in on each side of her, she murmurs, “I wish this burden may be given to another, Damin.”

Reaching out, I take her hand. “I do not hate you and I am sorry I spoke those words.”

“You hate the situation.” Lyra squeezes my hand before taking to the reins again.

I nod, and say no more.

On Lyra’s other side, Siri starts talking and she soon has both of us staring at her.

“Potentially, there are three Glonu with us. Kay, Hanna and Joseph. I think we understand that the rest of us are Ilfin. You, Damin, need a declared Glonu to find your control image and that will not happen for you. My suggestion is to probe all of us without stating distinction. Find the similarities and differences, if any exist, and then keep what you discover close. Do not tell even one among us who is what.”

Lyra lowers her head. “It will cause distrust.”

“Only if Damin reveals anything. He must keep even his expression neutral,” Siri says. “If there is a Glonu with us, he or she is unaware of it … and must then remain unaware.”

“I will be the one no one will trust,” I snarl at my sister.

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