Sunday, January 10, 2016

The King's Challenge #161

TKC 161

Lifting my head, I gaze casually around. The night is dark and our fire is therefore a bright and flickering manipulation of the inkiness we dwell in. Siri allows her scroll to furl and then curls into sleep. Hanna and Joseph start a murmuring conversation. I cannot hear the words, but the low rumble serves to push back the expectancy of the night.

When Kay clambers to his feet, I realise we have all felt the restriction in our surroundings. The whispers from the two Messengers seem to have released us. Kay vanishes into the darkness beyond and soon there is the tell-tale tinkle of another kind of release.

Lowering my head to again hide my face, I play with Lyra’s hair. I know she is aware I use the small action to explain my withdrawal from the others.

Joseph. Is he open to a delve now?

He is, and the Ilfin image comes swiftly. It occurs to me that we have gravitated to each other upon this journey to Arc. Like to like; Ilfin to Ilfin. How uplifting.

My delving for the night will end with Attis. The boy is young, yet wise beyond years. He is a good kid and I will hate to unmask him as something we need to turn our backs on. As Glonu, he would have lived a full life had not the asteroid appeared, but here in Arc he will be the enemy and will be left behind to die. I do not like it. How do we know that every Glonu will become part of the resident beings here? Where is that proof?

Lyra gives a slight hiss and I realise I am pulling her hair. Releasing my hold, I soothe the sensitive area. Then, without further thought, I enter the boy’s mind.

And jerk away instantly.

The Glonu image is a maze, grey-white, an emblem carved into stone.

By all the damn stars!

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