Thursday, July 21, 2016

Review: Echo - Approaching Shatter by Kent Wayne

This is pure sci-fi; technological weapons and craft, and another world after humankind’s time on Earth. Despite taking to the stars, the lessons of peace are not learned, so expect brawls and battles, extreme soldier training, terrible weapons and violence.

While I don’t usually point out gender in a review, I will state here that Echo will definitely appeal to male readers first. However, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The insight into the mind-set of a soldier and the brilliant use of tech held me captive from beginning to end. While I wish it was longer, I see why the author chose to offer this tale in segments; this is journey, Atriya’s path through his violent life. I will be reading the next book to discover what happens to him.

There is something added, though, to this tale. There is something other on the horizon, something extra to the physical world of being and doing. It offers hope, but the journey to that new state will, I suspect, almost kill Atriya. It will certainly torture him, test him …

A worthy read!


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