Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Soul Keeper Collage and the Challenge END!

We have reached target!! 366 episodes! A Leap Year's challenge of daily episodes has been achieved!! (exclamation marks to celebrate - I don't do doubles in my work, promise!)

Below is Mirlin's collage, but it is true that his contribution to this story isn't yet over. There are loose ends and a few issues still to deal with (such as Lorn Makar and Moravin). I foresee another chapter or two before I am able to call ILFIN OF ARC completely finished, as well as a Prologue and Epilogue.

The big edit starts now! I will update you with the adds-ins as I go along, so do continue to watch this space :)

THANK YOU FOR READING DAILY! and thank you for all the RT's and shares!

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