Monday, July 18, 2016

The King's Challenge (ILFIN OF ARC) #364

TKC 364

While shuttles ferry Massinians back to their various regions, and Ilfin soldiers back to the orbiting craft, returning repeatedly to gather more, we search for Enris and Coltern. Braving the icy conditions, we range far. Commander Gennerin has seconded an entire unit to help, but we find no sign of them.

Meanwhile the issue of returned Glonu causes heavy discussion, mostly between King Linus and Gennerin. At the end of it, the decision is to let them go in peace. They must be aware that they have been defeated and will thus behave and go on with their lives. We hope all Massinians of whatever genesis choose to pick up the threads of their old lives, to continue as they were before the fireball in the sky changed everything.

A day later our king grimly states we will return to orbit. There are still the issues of the Glonu fleet, and Empress Leffandir. The generals at the meeting need to speak up and we need to hear them. After the final ferry is accomplished, we take to the heavens.

In all this, I have avoided Iniri. I have no answers for her and she expects them. I see her watching me with suspicion and understand that, in her mind, I have again proven untrustworthy. I gather she has not mentioned Enris calling to someone known as Iliri; she has not even approached her father about it.

Of course I wonder why. I suspect Iniri knows more than she is willing to share. I am therefore as suspicious of her, and thus I avoid her more.

When we descend the ramp inside the transport in space, loud acclaim greets us. Every Ilfin soldier celebrates our victory. The Makar name resounds, causing King Linus to grin widely. There is, however, no time for long speeches; the Glonu delegation awaits.

Apparently Leffandir is with them, and in a rage such as only a thwarted woman is able to sustain.

This will be interesting.

2 Episodes Left!!

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