Tuesday, July 26, 2016

13th Sign Ezine and Publishing Collective!

In the last few days I have been smiling ear to ear. Want to know why? We have formed an author collective, that's why! A bunch of writer friends have decided to share our expertise and experiences to benefit all of us. Under the banner of 13th Sign, we will pool knowledge and resources, as well as editing and design tasks.

On top of all this, 13th Sign will release a quarterly E-zine filled with various goodies, which every author in our collective will collaborate in! The first issue will go online in time for Halloween and will have stories, reviews, hobbies, new releases, health tips, gardening ideas and much, much more! More on that as we get closer to release day :)

Pop in and have a look! Our website is still being populated, but is looking good. Our Facebook Page is up, so do come on over and give us a Like. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest too!

Disclaimer:  Unless otherwise stated, The Novels listed by our authors are currently self published, published by Tirgearr Publishing, Roadkill Publishing, and Wild Wolf Publishing respectively. 13th Sign in no way claim copyright or ownership to any of the novels you currently see, they are placed on our website to give our authors exposure for their other titles no matter where they are published. All links will take you to Amazon to purchase the novel published by other publishers or directly by the author. 13th Sign is an author collective and all of our authors are currently published elsewhere, and will only be releasing novels with 13th Sign in the future. We’re a team, and we like to promote our authors because we’re proud of them and their accomplishments. If you are a publisher and would like us to remove the author's back-listing and links to your novels, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we shall comply without issue.

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