Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Justine's Journal to be unpublished

Those of you who have been on this journey with me will know about the experiment Justine and I did a few years ago, writing and collating a 52 week journal of 500 words per day, a path to self-discovery, with the proceeds going to charity. Unfortunately, Justine's Journal did not gain much traction, and given that we are now living through a pandemic, which means that every path to discovery, whether to self or to others, has utterly changed, we feel it is time to remove it from my list of published work. This will happen tomorrow, so if you'd like a copy for nostalgia's sake, pop on over and grab one today. Justine and I both have a paperback copy and that's enough for us :)

Justine's Journal - Amazon

Justine's Journal - Smashwords

Update: You will recall that we posted Justine's 500 words per day here on Writing World and created a dedicated page to keep track, and each post was accompanied by an inspirational or insightful image/text. As the page will be removed after this update, I thought I'd share with you a collage of some of those images. The actual posts will remain on this blog, though :)

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