Wednesday, June 5, 2013

An Adult Fairy-tale! (Review)

From Poppet comes this humdinger of a tale!

In Ye Mistress of Baphos Hall, Poppet outdoes herself! This is a fairy-tale with a difference. Definitely for adults, it still retains the elements of a child’s tale, such as talking creatures, quests and adventure – and every adult loves it, no matter how old and jaded! Love the old language, the ancient concepts, and there is something strange at every turn.

This has an ‘old’ feel and is also very otherworldly, while time as a concept is toyed with. A strangeness, a darkness, and one is hooked. It's punchy, as tales of this nature should be - perfect!

The moment I read about the scribe with no arms, I began thinking of the dilemmas writers face daily and when Anne tries to find the story behind the myth, the importance of words, voices and tales become evident. There are lessons here, but read Ye Mistress of Baphos Hall first because it’s an excellent tale…and then delve them hidden messages!

Worth every moment spent reading it! 5 stars!

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