Monday, June 3, 2013

Blood Tide - Review

I don’t usually read horror or watch the movies, because I find the horror overdone and silly (and often boring) and while blood doesn’t worry me, the sheer amount spilled in these tales can be a little extreme- so much, it becomes mundane.  It was thus with some trepidation that I delved into Blood Tide for my reading club.

Blood Tide is well structured and written (the few errors in narrative could be overlooked) and as a horror story works very well. I saw it as a movie, I must admit, as I read on. I could see the scenes playing out in my head and believe Blood Tide could make quite the movie for those who enjoy the genre. Well done then to Edward Parker, because it means the story works.

A good move on the author’s part was to cause the reader to care about the characters…before they got eaten! A bit of ‘Noooo!’ from the gut, when one hoped this one would survive. Brief sketches of normal lives before it all goes to hell certainly drives the story onward and brings on the hope of a resolution to this ancient monster of the deep’s killing spree.

Blood Tide, in my opinion, is a light read, an interesting setting and situation manipulated into something extreme, and it would be a good genre movie, but it has little depth and the final confrontation between Jim and Malcolm in the attic of a drowning school is somewhat unsatisfying, although I’m hard-pressed to figure out how else the author could have resolved it.

Read for light entertainment if you’re a horror fan.         

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