Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Master of Umbra - Review


Blown away! That’s what I am after reading Master of Umbra! The second book in the Valhalla series is just brilliant, and I thought it couldn’t get better after reading Master of Miasma (book 1). Let nothing take away from book 1, though, because it sets the scene needed for Umbra to work as well as it does and you have to read it first.

Ewan, Eagle clan chief, possesses the kind of strength that drives a story, and yet has an astounding moral core one completely falls for (astounding, because, come on, he’s meant to be a berserker!!!).  Yes, reader, you will LOVE Ewan! And you will wonder a bit about his side-kick Gunn…

Deliah has a terrible past and is lost until the Eagle clan brings her into the fold, but, boy, does she cause waves to rise and crash against those walls of darkness and muscle!

When Emma and Macala from Miasma join with the larger-than-life characters in Umbra, know sparks are about to become infernos. The Eagles and Ravens are kin…can they work together to defeat the real enemy, the Wolf clan???

You will love the ancient legends and histories brought to life, and the amazing and imaginative settings. Mostly, in my opinion, you will love the author’s brilliant imagery; this is poetry on every page.

The answer lies in Master of Skadi…and I cannot wait to find out what happens!

5 stars! Well deserved. 5 stars for the entire series! Well done, Poppet!

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