Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Strangeness of a Writer

Yesterday I posted about writers and writing and how strange it is and how different we are. Today I thought I'd share a strange quirk of mine, to prove just how weird it all is!

See, I do this: I page through magazines to look for words. I don't generally read magazines, but now and again one or two crosses my path (or falls into my destructive hands!) and out come the scissors. More correctly, this is a habit I used to have, and I have quite the collection to prove it. Now I'm more likely to snip a word out only if it is eye-catching in presentation or something different.

Crazy? Probably, but when paging through my scrapbook something will catch my eye and spark a train of thought, and more than once that has led to an entire paragraph...and even entire chapters! My kind of crazy, then!

Just a few pages! My scrapbook is full and thick, lol! 

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