Monday, June 10, 2013

Twisted Tails - Review

The title of this anthology is apt, for these are twisted tails indeed, each different, each surprising. Well done to every contributor for creating an intriguing read, and well done Wild Wolf for putting it together for the rest of us to enjoy.

Here’s a quick take of each ‘tail’:

Gabby by Rod Glenn: A lesson to all men!
Stormy Weather by Jo Reed: Beware the man who says he’ll make the sun shine just for you
The Voice by Kevin Tomsett: No getting away from the voice, even when you think it silenced
Cooking Without Onions by CW Lovatt: A warped outlook on marriage
Klingsor’s First Summer by NA Randall: Don’t trust the big talkers!
Mad Mary by Tony Wright: Boys will be boys…until time catches them
Freedom’s Wings by CW Lovatt: You’ll be mesmerized by the masterful spliff rolling…!
In Nomine Patris by Poppet: How the Word is twisted and betrayed- remember, forgiveness is earned
The Rat-catcher by Scott Stanford: A father tries to save money and loses more than he bargained for
Scato – Illogical by AJ Kirby: Oh…crap!!!!
Sceptres de Délicatesse by Poppet: Touché! Life’s a bitch!
Waiting… by Ricki Thomas: Be very careful where you smoke, someone may be watching
Best of Show by Asher Wismer: Roses and death, a powerful little story
Happy Now? by David Rogers: A final solution to unhappiness
Everything Must Go by Kirsty Neary: Junkies looking for a fix? Or something more? Love the colloquial language!
Handling Snakes by IS Paton: A twist in the snake’s tale!
DEAR MRS. BURTON… by Giles Richard Ekins: *shiver* my computer knowing the truth before I do would really creep me out!
New Beginning by Troy Lambert: A tale of perseverance and hope despite terrible odds
Preacher Man by IS Paton: Wow, beware the fanatical!
Semana de Fuego by Jacob Rayne: It’s Fire Week, when the locals burn idols…but that fire cooks up something too tasty…
The Study in Blue by Jo Reed: Revenge is sweet…pea!
The Room by Mark Sinclair: Be very careful of what you wish for…
The Trojan Curse by Poppet: Get them from the inside! Gender war with a twist…

Definitely worth reading, deserving each one of five stars! A gasp, a grin, a head scratch, a snort…yes, chances are, you will react in some manner! 

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