Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Arcana Alphabet - D

Arcana Alphabet



Dante is Dantian’s brother, father of Mitrill, and lives on Ardosia, the Valleur world beyond the Rift, when The Lore Series commences.


Dantian is Vallorin of the Valleur on Ardosia. His name means Rift Breaker.


Soulless creatures of darak that wield sorcerous yellow swords. As a host together they are known as the Darkling Horde.

Dark man

The dark man in Lore of Arcana often comes forth in visions and dreams. His tale will stand forth soon!


Valarians (the humans of Valaris) call the Immortal Guardians, the Deities.


The gathering place of the Immortal Guardians, a magical dome that floats in space.


Now this is interesting, for there are parallels throughout Lore of Arcana (and the series following) regarding the concept DRAGON. There is the Valleur Dragon, a symbol of leadership (and much more) and there is the Dragon ogive in the Dome … and- well, perhaps you should read it!!


A historical creature of darkness. Drasso sought to annihilate Valaris and the legacies of that war still plagues Valaris to this day.

Dune cruiser

Valaris is post-tech, and one day a dune cruiser is discovered in an underground shelter …


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