Sunday, July 6, 2014

Arcana Alphabet - C

Arcana Alphabet


Captain Bertin’s sloop. He is very proud of his beautiful vessel!

A Valleur and Ardosia’s war leader.

The Sylmer homeworld, a water planet.

Care River
A placid river, a tributary of the Gasmoor R.

Not to be confused with centaur from our myths and legends. The Centuar are Guardians of the Dome, and are four-legged creatures that communicate via mindspeak.

Chanticla is a lizoid seer Infinity manipulates into revealing secrets.

Chaos Barrier
A rent in the fabric of space reveals there are two universes. Protecting one from the other is a barrier of pure chaos.

The clans held the northern Meth Peninsula even after the terrible annihilation 3000 years ago.

Corridor Mountains and Pass
In the centre of Valaris, south of the Great Forest there are two ranges parallel to each other and together they form a corridor. Due to instability in the region, the pass that winds through the mountains is hazardous. Much happens in this strange place, both in the ancient past and at the time these tales are set.

Crease River
One of three rivers from the Lifesource; it runs into the ocean north of Two Town.


A shy, young girl from the San clan able to hear another’s thoughts.


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