Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Arcana Alphabet - E

Arcana Alphabet



The Eagles are Guardians of the Dome, birds of normal size and agility. What sets them apart is their ability to communicate and the colour of their plumage. There are a few surprises in store for these birds, and not even the author saw it coming until it happened.

Eastern Ocean

As the name implies, the ocean east of Valaris continent. A well-sailed sea.

Eastern Range

Mountains at the coast in the east, below the Great Forest. An inspiring place. The Darak Or causes major damage to these glorious pinnacles.


Efur means ‘prophet’. He is a strange little creature living on Pendulim. He serves as guide to the Enchanter at one stage.

Emerald Sound

A natural deep-water in the south, a haunt for pirates.

Emleth Isthmus

The isthmus form one of two heads, the exit from Emerald Sound.


Magician, sorcerer, enchanter, it is in the degree of mastery. The Enchanter in Arcana is many things beyond the degree of mastery, and he is pivotal to the entire Lore series!


Strange little birds that inhabit the Three Gates (islands). When they move their feet make music. They cannot fly, or are afraid to, and are close to being sentient.

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