Thursday, July 3, 2014

Arcana Alphabet - B

Arcana Alphabet


Barrier Mountains and town
Along the western coast of Valaris continent is a range that runs parallel to the shore, known as the Barrier Mountains because it serves to protect the interior from desert conditions. At the southern end of this range there is a small fishing town called simply Barrier.

Belun is the Centuar leader (see Centuar below), a flamboyant creature who speaks his mind, often to his detriment.

In the town of Luan, Betty reigns supreme as mistress of the Luannesse, the local inn. Her calling card for visitors is ‘Betty’s Famous Brew’!

This taciturn man is Betty’s son and owner/captain of the Calloway, a sloop the team in The Infinity Mantle hires to cross the Straits of Lex.

Blue River Frond

This strange name belongs to a reporter from another world. We never read about her in the Arcana tales, but her interviews have been included in the Lore of Arcana – Companion book.


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