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Arcana Alphabet - A

Arcana Alphabet

Actar is a town on Tor Island’s west coast, a den of iniquity where anything can be bought and sold.

Ale is as commonplace on Valaris as any imbiber of the brew expects!

Ancient Oracles
The Ancient Oracles are ten mighty volumes written in the Ancient Tongue. They are also the greatest treasure of the Valleur.

Ancient Tongue
The Ancient Tongue is read and written by the clans of the Meth Peninsula, and entirely missing among the southern people. Much is revealed when this nuance comes to light.

These are the Secret Remedies used by sorcerers on Valaris, but this is also the name of the race of terrible manipulation beyond the Rift.

Ardosia is the Valleur world beyond the Rift.

Arli is an underground flame-wright on Pendulim, able to create life-wheels that confer aspects to the wearer. He is also filled with strange wisdom.

Arrows and Assents
These are the two mountain ranges that form the hidden valley where the Graveyard of the Ancients is sited.

Aqua Islands
The Aqua Islands are a collection of small spits of land at the southern end of the continent. A great battle takes place here.

An aspect is a magical manipulation instilled into a life-wheel and, when worn around the neck, the aspect transfers to the wearer. Thus, if you desire to become a sword master, the aspect confers the talent.

Ass River
The Ass River is a tongue-in-cheek naming for a watercourse on Valaris.

Augin is a Palace Guard of Ardosia. He is sent to Valaris and enters as a man disguised. Later he becomes brother to the Enchanter.

Aven is a self-styled sorcerer on a world that abhors all magic. As member of the Mantle he was instrumental in bringing Rayne into Mantle ranks. He lives in Farinwood when the tale commences, with his ward. Aven and Rayne frequently clash, both men stubborn.


Averroes is Aven’s ward, a waif he rescued from the streets of Galilan.


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