Saturday, August 15, 2015

Justine's Journal #52

And here we are, this is Justine's final journal entry! Next week we'll do a final post for insights :)

Week 52

And here we are at the end of our 52 week challenge! I feel strange writing this final entry, knowing it will be the last. Now I look forward to the book, for I am intrigued by how it will feel to have it in my hands at some future time, to then look back at a year in my life. We learn from our mistakes and admitting them often leads to reward, a soul’s reward.

This has been intensely satisfying. The act of forcing myself to be honest and to think has opened doors in my mind, heart and spirit, and I intend to continue doing so in my private journal. Thank you for reading. I hope you too have reached a state of acceptance of self.

We make mistakes. Often we don’t think first. Sometimes emotions cloud our perceptions. All of these are factors I have come to realise. Understanding ourselves, I believe, smooths the path we walk. It isn’t without bumps and mountains, but we are better able to deal with obstacles. Know this, though. We also have a tendency to ignore lessons learned, for our egos end up interfering. If we keep that in mind, most of the time we can pause first and then take the necessary action. If not, if we lash out without thinking, we need to understand we are human and not beat ourselves up in the aftermath. If you falter, breathe, think, and then fix.

As humans we have much to teach each other, on every level. If only the world will hear this. Let us talk to each other, listen to each other, offer a smile and project acceptance and love to all ages and creeds. If we do this, peace will be ours. Personal peace and world peace. The majority wants this – why then is peace elusive? To answer that will entail an essay of note, and I am not the one to offer it. I have not the words to explain every factor. I do have the hope we will get there one day, if only a moment at a time, a smile at a time. The road to peace begins in each of us, so concentrate on your journey.

On a more personal note, I faltered this week. My neighbour was nosey about my writing, and made those snide comments writers dread. Are you published? It takes long to write a book, doesn’t it? Seems it doesn’t pay, maybe you should get a real job … and so forth. She was speaking from her point of view, of course, having no understanding of the process. I should have explained with a smile, but I rudely told her to mind her own business. Very rudely, in fact. After, I understood her point of view and I went over to apologise. It turns out, she is writing children’s stories, and she needed someone to know that, to tell her it’s okay if it doesn’t all come magically together. Neither of us has published, but now we can laugh about it and support each other.

See? Ego. If we falter, breathe, think and then fix. Now there is peace between neighbours!

Final note, before I leave you to your future. Love yourself first. The rest comes to you when you accept yourself. And smile!

Thank you for coming on this journey with me!

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