Monday, August 24, 2015

The King's Challenge #27

TKC 27

In the ensuing silence Damin takes my face into his hands and kisses me. It is a long, searching kiss that has every nerve in my body jumping.

Never has he given me more than a peck. Back in Grenmassin such familiarity is frowned upon, and then he left before we could speak our marriage vows.

This is new for me. Damin is new to me. I am guessing I may also be new now.

The kiss ends as a roar of sound rises. We break the intense connection to look around us. They are cheering. The survivors of the lower city are on their feet and cheering us.

I glance at Damin. Did he kiss me to reveal to them he is with me? They know him, after all, and he has now bestowed upon me his blessing.

“Lyra,” he murmurs, “you think too much.”

Now I stare at him. Did he just read my mind? Perhaps he simply sought to draw my attention away from the strange act moments ago. I turned the waters of death. Am I a witch?

“You are a healer,” he says softly.

By the stars, the man is reading my mind!

Smiling, he takes my hand and hooks me in to draw me to his side. “This is Lyra!” he calls out. “And she is with us!”

Again there is cheering. I feel the need to hide. Maybe I do think too much, but I need to examine what just happened. I need to know myself again.

“Take the boats and look for survivors,” Damin continues. “Bring everyone here.” He pauses, glances at me, and says, “Tonight we leave Normur. Lyra will lead us to safety.”

As more sound erupts, he pulls me to a quiet space … and kisses me again.

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