Friday, August 14, 2015

The King's Challenge #17

TKC 17

The silver buys us three days at the inn. Attis brings the book up and I sign us in as Lyra and Horin Parse, brother and sister. Horin is my brother, but he is only seven and is back in Grenmassin.

I hand Attis another copper for food and ask if he can find dry clothes for us. The boy absconds with a grin, taking book and coins with him.

Damin is undressing when I turn and I avert my gaze.

“Lyra, now is not the time for prudishness. Remove your wet clothes or you will be ill by nightfall,” Damin says. He throws the bed’s coverlet at me.

Prudish? Ha. I do, however, do as bid, keeping my back to him.

“Underclothes also, Lyra,” he says in amusement.

Muttering dire threats, I remove everything and wrap myself into the coverlet’s warmth before turning. He is similarly wrapped. I must admit I already feel much better. I give him a look and sit on the bed.

Damin hunkers before me. “I stayed because I saw we have need of an army. We cannot turn this tide alone, Lyra. Unfortunately, all I achieved was the fury of the authorities, for they see it as revolution. It is, but we are nor revolting against them. We seek to save everyone.”

I swallow. “Your vision is larger. I sought to save only those we love back home.”

“One rarely sees the stars here,” Damin says. “How big is it now?”

“The size of a silver,” I whisper. “Bigger daily. It is very bright.”

He slaps his thighs as he rises. “We have to get everyone south, to the heat! Can they not see we will freeze if we stay here?”

“They do not care. Those with coin have already left. We will be left to die.”

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