Saturday, August 8, 2015

The King's Challenge #11

TKC 11

I ignore Damin’s statement and instead address what has befallen Attis. The boy does not deserve this.

“Let him go, Damin. I vouch for him and he will be too frightened to say anything. Please, let him go.”

“I can be your go-between!” Attis suddenly pipes up. He releases me to stand before Damin. “Sir, I swear, we want you to change things! I can listen to stuff up there and then come down and tell you, and I won’t tell anyone.”

Damin stares down at the boy. Then he looks up at me. “How long have you known him?”

“Since last night,” I respond, hope blossoming inside me. “I trust him already and you will as well if you give him a chance. Damin, he has a little sister he takes care of.”

Damin blinks. He too has a younger sister he is meant to take care of. Siri gave me all her savings to help me manage this journey, in fact. She misses her brother.

“You know Siri would expect this of you,” I murmur.

His cheeks tighten and then he nods at the boy. “Fine, it will be as you say. Someone will be watching you. I suggest you keep your word.”

Attis hops in place, filled with glee.

I shake my head and hope the boy will be fine. “Attis, go back to your sister now,” I say and hand him his second copper. Leaning in, I whisper, “Go now. Quickly.”

His eyes round again and he nods. Taking the coin, he scuttles out.

“Let him go!” Damin shouts for the benefit of the men outside. Then he pierces me with that blue gaze. “This is no place for a lady.”

Well, stuff that. By the stars, I intend to find out exactly what is going on here.

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